Hutong Cuisine Cooking School was renamed

Beijing Cooking School


Wok class Menu
( Wok class can not be selected together with the Noodle & Pastry class )

Sichuan Cuisine 1

1 Gongbao Chicken
2 Beer duck
3 Fried green bean with chili and Sichuan pepper
4 Mapo doufu
Sichuan Cuisine 2

1 Stirfried beef with chili and Sichuan pepper
2 Stirfried pork with broadbean chili paste ( Twice cooked pork )
3 Braised eggplant with pickled chili ( Fish fragrant eggplant )
4 Panfried chili pepper with soy sauce and oyster sauce ( Tiger skin pepper )

Sichuan Cuisine 3 1 Home made chili oil
2 Spicy Chicken salad with homemade chili oil ( need to book together with Home Made Chili oil )
3 Stirfried pork, lettuce, black fungus with pickled chili ( Fish fragrant pork )
4 Stirfried spinach with dried chili 
5 Dandan noodles with home make chili oil ( need to book together with Home Made Chili oil )
Sichuan Cuisine 4

1 Spicy crispy Chicken ( Lazi jiding 辣子鸡丁)
2 Panfried fish with chili bean paste ( Douban yu 豆瓣鱼)
3 Stirfried lotus root with chili and Sichuan pepper
4 JiaChang doufu (panfried doufu with chili bean paste)

Canton Cuisine 1

1 Black pepper beef
2 Braised pork rib with soy sauce and sugar 
3 Stirfried broccoli with garlic sauce
4 Stirfried Rice Noodle with beef and vegetable

Canton Cuisine 2
1 Tender boiled chicken with a delicious sauce 
2 Steamed fish with ginger and spring onion
3 braised duck with soy sauce, rice wine and rock sugar 
4 Poached seasonal green with oyster and soysauce
Canton Cuisine 3 1 Sweet and sour pork ** ( take long time, equal to 2 dishes in private class)
2 Braised chicken with shiitake mushrooms
3 Stirfried broccoli with oyster sauce
4 Dessert: Steamed egg custard with ginger juice

Beijing Cuisine 1

1 Stirfried beef with scallion ( Cong bao niu rou )
2 Chairman Mao's Red braised pork ( Hongshao rou )
3 Stirfried cabbage with dark vinegar and chili ( Cu liu da bai cai )
4 Dessert: Caramel coated sweet potato/banana ( Ba si tu dou )

Hunan Cuisine 1

1 Steamed fish with minced pickled chili 
2 Stirfried pork with fresh green chili and red chili
3 Stirfried beef with celery, chilis and coriander
4 Stirfried cabbage with dried chili

Vegetarian cuisine 1

1 Sichuan cuisine: Gongbao doufu ( You can make Gongbao chicken instead of Gongbao doufu, please tell us one day before )
2 Canton cuisine: Stirfried abalone mushroom, shiitake mushroom with snow peas
3 Beijing cuisine: Three treasure ( panfried eggplant, potato and green pepper)
4 Beijing cuisine:  Stir fried egg with tomato

Vegetarian cuisine 2

1 Beijing cuisine: Spinach and crispy peanuts salad with aged vinegar 
2 Beijing cuisine: Red braised eggplant
3 Canton cuisine: Stir fried rice with vegetable, egg and prawn (Vegetarian can skip prawn)
4 Sichuan cuisine: Panfried doufu with chili paste and leek

Noodle & Pastries Menus
( Noodle & Pastry class can not be selected together with the cooking lesson )

Lanzhou cuisine:

Hand Pulled Noodles


1 - Steamed dumplings
2 - Boiled dumplings
3 - Potstickers

Dimsum 1

1 - Har Gow : steamed prawn dumpling, there is no glutens in this dumpling.
2 - Siu Mai: also called open dumpling. Prawn, pork with water chestnut filling.
3 - Egg Tarts

Dimsum 2

1 - Barbecued pork bun
2 - Steamed Creamy Custard Bun
3 - Won ton

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