Hutong Cuisine Cooking School was renamed

Beijing Cooking School



Beijing Dumplings

Beijing Dumplings

Dumplings is not just a food, we make dumplings for the Chinese new year, whole family sit around table talking and making dumplings; we make dumplins when friends get together; we make dumplings when there is a festival...

Come to make dumplings with us. We will teach you how to make dumplings dough begin with flour, in the class, we will teach:

2 kinds dumplings dough:
- Panfried and steamed dumplings dough
- Boiled dumplings dough

4 kinds of fillings:
- One Beef filling : this recipe is perfect with lamp.
- Two Pork fillings: can substitute with lots of different vegetable.
- One Vegetarian filling: this recipe can substitute with other vegetable.


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