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Certificate fo Excellence 2015 and 2016

HuTong Cuisine Kitchen

  Home Cooking Class
10-day Intensive
Cooking Class
Dinner - the Chef's Table Private Class team building/Event

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•The Beijing Cooking School offer The Traditional Chinese cooking classes by the three generation of chef - Chao.
•We provide (Sichuan cuisine\Canton cuisine\ Dumplings and regional cuisine....)
•English speaking in the classes.
•9:30 ~ 10:30 - Market tour visit and get the foods
•10:30am ~ 2pm - Cooking class (In clude :Lunch \tea)
•6:30 pm ~ 9:30pm - (Dinner) - The Chef's table
(9 dishes will cook in front of you)

Beijing Cooking School was first opened by Miss Chunyi Zhou in 2006. She was soon joined by her brother, Chao, and in 2013 they changed the name of the kitchen to the Beijing Cooking School to better reflect what they were doing.
Chunyi and Chao grew up in a professional cook's family, so food has always been important to them. But after they beganto travel, they saw how learning to cook great food could form important memories for visitors. On top of that, it had became obvious that young people were relying more and more on restaurants for dinner and forgetting the joy of cooking for themselves. They believe that the kitchenis the soul and pillar of the family. It brings people love and happiness, as well as nutrition.
More than a decade on and Chunyi and Chao still love inviting guests into their kitchen to learn to cook, eat traditional Chinese food together, and share Chinese culture.

Want to know more about genuine Chinese cuisine? Professional chefs, over 100 classic and creative dishes from over a dozen culinary categories in China, be it a brave soul who's never lifted a Chinese cleaver, passionate couples looking for a different Beijing, or families and groups that cook to impress, The Beijing Cooking School offers a grand variety of courses all day, six days of the week.

  • All classes are hands on, you see what the chef sees.
  • All classes are taught in English by professionally-licensed Chinese chef.
  • Take-home recipes provided for every dish cooked.
  • Join the optional market tour (1.5 hours) before your cooking class to learn more about Chinese produce and culture.
Date: Tuesday to Sunday
Market tour
9:00am - 10:30am, USD 17.5 pp / CNY 120 pp
Cooking classes
: 10:30am - 2:30pm,
USD 55 pp / CNY 380 pp

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(Dinner) - The Chef's table
Date: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Time: 6:30PM - 9:30PM
Chef's table Spiced crispy duck
Cold dish
Pumpkin Dim Sum Bamboo shoot
1,Appetizer: Vegetable Salad
2,Cold dishes(chicken)
3, dim sum
4,main course (Beef cuisine dish or pork dish)
5,main course(Duck dish)
6,main course (fish dish or sea food)
7,Seasonal vegetables
8, Seasonal vegetables
9, Dessert
Price: 51 USD / 350 rmb/pp
(≤12 years old children 35 USD/ 250 rmb / pp)

include: Chinese rice wine, tea, soft drinks, beer and wine.
(Each person you will have your own dish)

private Chef's table dinner:
every one will Sharing the dishes
1200 rmb in total for a group of 2-4 people.
For group of more than 5, there will be a 300 rmb/pp surcharge.