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Sichuan cuisine menus

Sichuan is one of the four basins in China, it is in Southwest of China, The Sichuan basin, it is closed by surrounded of the high mountains and lofty hills, high air humidity, more rain, heavy fog. Because the humidty is heav, so the sichuan cuisine, people use a lot of Sichuan pepper to play a role in dehumidification.
The Sichuan foods, we also call it Chuan Cai, the Sichuan cuisine is one of the eight major cuisines in China,
People used to eat rabbit meat, chicken, pork, beef, fish, rice and noodles. The food style characteristics is numb, spicy, fresh and fragrant. The numbing taste comes from the Sichuan pepper.

Sichuan Cuisine 1

1 Gongbao Chicken
2 Beer duck 
3 Fried green bean with chili and Sichuan pepper
4 Mapo doufu

Sichuan Cuisine 2

1 Stirfried beef with chili and Sichuan pepper
2 Stirfried pork with broadbean chili paste ( Twice cooked pork )
3 Braised eggplant with pickled chili ( Fish fragrant eggplant )
4 Panfried chili pepper with soy sauce and oyster sauce ( Tiger skin pepper )

Sichuan Cuisine 3

1 Home made chili oil
2 Spicy Chicken salad with homemade chili oil
3 Stirfried pork, lettuce, black fungus with pickled chili ( Fish fragrant pork )
4 Stirfried spinach with dried chili 
5 Dandan noodles with home make chili oil

Sichuan cuisine 4

1 Spicy crispy Chicken ( Lazi jiding 辣子鸡丁)
2 Panfried fish with chili bean paste ( Douban yu 豆瓣鱼) 
3 Stirfried lotus root with chili and Sichuan pepper 
4 JiaChang doufu (panfried doufu with chili bean paste)

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