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Cantonese cuisine menus

Guangdong is in the south of China, near Hong Kong and the sea, the climate is relatively hot and humid. In eating habits, people do not like to eat the Heavy foods, the foods style is more light, fresh and healther, people love to eat seafood, fish, shrimp, chicken, duck, goose, pork, Steamed Rice, winter can eat dog meat, sometimes eat beef but not very often, don't love lamb, and people will use the simple way to cook the best foods.

Can ton Cuisine 1

1 Black pepper beef
2 Braised pork rib with soy sauce and sugar 
3 Stirfried broccoli with garlic sauce
4 Stirfried Rice Noodle with beef and vegetable

Can ton Cuisine 2

1 Tender boiled chicken with a delicious sauce  
2 Steamed fish with ginger and spring onion
3 braised duck with soy sauce, rice wine and rock sugar 
4 Poached seasonal green with oyster and soysauce

Can ton Cuisine 3

1 Sweet and sour pork
2 Braised chicken with shiitake mushrooms
3 Stirfried broccoli with oyster sauce
4 Dessert: Steamed egg custard with ginger juice


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